Enjoy some of our pictures....  you could be in the next one!
3 couples joined the Seaduced CrewYes, you can BYOBTracy and Pam on a Seaduced crewed With the wind to our back
Come to shoreRol gets promoted from Bilge Rat to Deck RatRick takes a nap in the hammockCome inside if it rains or you get too much sun.
Ohio people know how to play!Leave the world Behind!Seaduced...Laura from Buffalo enjoys the sun before heading back
Friend's Sheila and Larry Krystal wanted to helpBob and Vicki from Bradenton
Sea-burgers are availableGlenn from KY Family fun!Hidding from the sun
Betty frpm Parrish enjoying someSpencer from Tampa Kirk understands sailing The Wilsons from Ga enjoy
Robert learning to sailNov 22 sailInside Seaduced AgainYes....  we do have one!
Need a nap?Donna enjoying the sunCapt DavidWe're not having a good time....
Ted and Jen from MSAdmiral Terri and Time to let go and The girls enjoying the sun,
Our two Capt'sMaggie and SmithA recent trip  to the BVI'sMichael enjoying his first Florida sail
Brittany enjoying a sunsetBetty give a gift of sailing...A family that sails together...NY folks, meet Egmont!
A mutiny!  The crewThe Bradenton to Sarasota RunJulie and Mike...  obviously  stressed out...Marguerite and Kevin
Seaduced customers nowCapt Larry "Buck"Sailing into a fog bank as Jerry is ready for a nap!
Terri and some wonderful people Molly from Venice has sailingBetsy from Tarpon Springs Lovers, love to sail.
Bob and Carol married 45 years!James enjoys being behind the whelelKen showing off Married 25 years
Dave "The King of the Whitewater"Ted knows how to sail andThat's BJ...The wonders of the sea
Kids love to sail!Do I look cool????One of the powerboats availableCapt Brad's
Father and Son You can sail in the cold...  with a hat,
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Dec 16th - Maggie and Smith
What a cute couple!
Stormy Sea
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