Weenie N A Sandbar

This adventure is made up of some fun time on a sand bar, boat ride and a weenie or two.

We start at the Coquina boat ramps where you jump on-board to start your adventure.  We make the short run to Jewfish Key or Whitney Beach where we break out the snorkel gear or shell  hunting baskets.  While the kids play and the adults hold hands and walk the beautiful sandy area, your captain starts the gas grill and gets your lunch ready.

Your captain signals it's time to eat.

Back on the boat you chomp into some yummy sea-dogs.

After clean up, a slow boat ride around Jewfish and Sister Keys looking for dolphin as your food settles.

The gourmet menu includes some choices:

The Sea-Dog 
An all beef dog dipped (or non-dipped) in the clear saltwaters of Longboat Pass then cooked well keeping just a hint of REAL sea salt crusted on the dog.

The Titanic
We have to limit how many we pack or we can sink the ship.  A giant of a dog, too big for buns or normal people, cooked perfect with grill marks.

The Albatross
(not for real sailors)
Made of turkey, this may not be a REAL hot dog but is still yummy for some landlubbers.

Squid Dogs 
Great for the young ones!  Squid Dogs are all beef dog that are cut to put a smile on any kids face.

Lunch includes (2) dogs, a soda or bottled water....
All that AND a bag of chips!

This tour is available Mon-Thur

Boat load Tour up to 6 dog eaters  $449

Special Groupon pricing available....  $299

That's  less than $50 per person for a great adventure

Sunset version Add $150
Assorted Fruit Boat  $15
Additional sodas or water $1.00
Additional hour tour time $75