Swim & Snack Tour

This fun tour offer some time on a sand bar to 
build up an appetite then takes you for some 
snacks at MarVista, our favorite watering hole.Price includes; boat, fuel, captain and 3 appetizers 
from the list below.  

You can always order more if you want to pay for the extras

Soda and water included 

Mar Vista Tater Tots  Balls of mashed potato filled with cheese and deep fried  

Brussel Sprouts  Ginger and soy, served with sriracha aioli (I do not eat brussel sprouts but I do here) 

Calamari  Lightly fried calamari and parmesan cheese, served with marinara

Smoked Fish BoardChef's smoked fish spread, served with capers, red onions and Teddy's lavashChicken 

WingsBuffalo Nashville, or Thai Oaxacan-Style 

Sweet Potatoes   Roasted sweet potatoes, corn, jalapenos, créme fraiche, cojtija cheese, avocado, and cilantro, tossed with lime juice

To get the most time on the water, this tour only leaves from  Coquina boat ramps at the south tip of the island

2.5 hour tour  $289