Enjoy some of our boating pictures.  

Little RedCapt Larry talks too much!Baby BlueRich Pepe watches
Palmetto 4H checking the boat for safetyMy officeNothing like a slow boat to no where!Boat and lunch...
Pulling up on a beachYou should have seen the one that got away!Roland is happy at sea!After a day of boating we head off to
Rental docks are busy!Marina Manatee!Lost loot!Leaving the docks
Love to look at all the boatsKim and kids in tow!PFDs on and safe boat!Luke takes over as captain
The open waterSeaduced ShuttleWhat do you mean we have to go back?Mermaids
I am Captain Kong!Island Girls!Jeannie about to be attacked by a....Splash
Come here, you'rrr goin'a walk da plankOur boats are faster than a speeding manatee!Gage "chilaxing"Son and Dad bonding!
It came from the water's depthsTed from WI defrosting after a long winter.Sun, water and fun..Great photo Ted!
Southern spotted ray off Jew Fish KeyThe sign says it all...We did toss Gage in as fish bait!!!Terri going over the charts before...
...Capt. Larry goes over the boat.Back from a run down to Beer Can.Lots of Seaduced Customers fit this one!Some UK boaters back from their adventure!
Dont forget your raincoatCatfish attack!What a nice thank you card!Welcome to Capt. Larry's Prop Club!
What do you mean...Party heading out!Capt brad and 3 good looking ladies!heading out to explore Jewfish Key
ALL ASHORE!!Sun, water and fun!Have Capt Brad take you fishing!Everyone catches fish with Capt Brad!
Landing the Jewfish sand bar.Capt Brad catches dinner!The Marina areaJewfih and beer can
JUMP!We have the best customersWelcome to Boats heading out for fun
Smile Captain Brad!  It will be okay!Lets eat him before he eats us!A day out Love the water!
Waters at Jewfish KeyPost boating It's been a long day in the sunKis + boats = LOVE