Island Tours Two Tour Special
You pick the 2 tours you get twice the fun.

Yes it's transferable
Yes we can extend it over 12 months
Up to 6 passengers!

- Standard Nature Tour 
- Winnie and a sandbar
- Two stop Plunder Tour
- Snorkel Tour
- Photographers Tour
- Lunch and a sandbar
- Sun Worshipers Tour

Nature Tour is a mix of sight seeing and enjoying some time on a sand bar looking for sea creatures.

Winnie and a sand bar includes a hotdog lunch and play time on a sand bar.

Plunder tour stops at two waterside restaurants for tropical drinks.

Lunch and a sand bar budgets time for lunch at Mar Vista or Seafood shack for great food and then time 
for a sand bar stop.

Sun worshipers love a quite stop to enjoy time on a raft on our more secluded spots

For best uses of your time, we offer pick ups at Coquina boat ramps or our home base in Cortez.

If you have 6 people, that's only apx $19 per person per tour. Can you say 'great deal'.