Private Adventure Tours
 Private Powerboat Adventure Tours with
captains to take you to the hottest places. 

What is the advantage of a private tour over a group tour?
- Just you and your group!  No guy with a bad comb-over making eyes at your daughter.
- Bring the fun people you want to hang out with.
- Pay by the boat load, not per person
- You set the time and agenda 
- We can pick you up from a number of locations
- We have the ability to adjust the tours to your wants and needs
- All tours are private
- Prices are per boat load 
not per person

1.5 Hour tour $149
2.5 Hour tour $239
3.5 Hour tour $299
4.5 Hour tour $359

 1.5  or 2.5  3.5 or 4.5 Hour Nature Tour 
(Highest rated tour) <click for video>

Bring your camera as we search for dolphin, ospreys, manatees and all the beautiful water life that live around the waters of Anna Maria Island.  Our Captains keep you safe and make sure you have a great time.  If you take the 3.5 or 4.5 hour tour, it gives you enough time to enjoy a yummy lunch or adult beverage at one of select restaurants.  Ideal for birthdays, anniversary or just to add more fun to the fun you're having already.  Sound fun?

2.5 or 3.5 Hour Appetizer Adventure

We pull up to not just one but two of our favorite waterfront restaurants to try the food and spirits.  Relax, we’ll do the driving.  Bring a full cooler to keep your mouth from getting parched between stops!  Another great birthday surprise.


Dream House Exploring

This tour runs up and down the channels of Anna Maria looking at some of the nicest houses in Manatee County.  See some nature, great houses and if you plan in advance and would like to have a realtor on-board, that can be arranged.

Passage Key Adventure    
Au natural sunbathing on a tiny sandbar at the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico.  This beautiful spot offers a place for people that enjoy a full tan, to gather and get rid of tan lines. 

    Other Specialty Tours 
         (due to distance and times, these tours cost a bit more)


Egmont Key Adventures-
Explore the forts on the north end of the island then head south to the fort rubble in 10’ of water for some exciting snorkeling.  Price includes: boat, captain, fuel, you can bring your own snorkel gear or use our basic gear.  We always bring one of our 10' x 6' floats with us on this tour for your fun and relaxation.  
  Up to 6 people $399

4.5 Hour tour

Weather conditions play a major part of this tour

Circumnavigate the Island
For the brave and water lovers.  This Tour is lots of time underway and circles the 7 miles island completely.

Typically a stop on a sandbar or beach to enjoy a walk.   
- Two bridges
- Three piers
-8 miles of beach
- Jewfish Key
- Skyway, Egmont
- Passage Key

Will all be  seen on this tour
$399 6 people max
Bring drinks and snacks

       This is another tour that weather can play a big factor 

Anna Maria Sunset Tour 2.5 Hour

People say that AMI has the best sunsets in all of Florida 
We can not disagree.

We put a little spin on it however.  We an stay on the boat at Longboat Pass and watch the sun kiss the water or....  It's wonderful to watch the sun go down while walking around the sand bar at Jewfish Key. 
Bring your boyfriend, husband, both, family, kids, Uncle bill...
Bring champagne, rum, beer, wine, cheese, whatever will 
make this a night to remember.
$299 up to 8 people!