One of the hardest choices you will make is 'What tour is best for my group?"


Good for Adults
 YES, all
 Yes, 3.5 Hr
8+ is best 
Bring some with you
Yes, history buffs love it 
Weenie n Sand bar
Oh yes
Yes, yummy sea dogs
Yes, great photos
Appetizer Tour
 Yeah, ok
 Oh yes!
 Passage Key
 Not really 
 no comment
 Bring it with you
 Open minded ones 
 Not a great fit
Yes, can run late during the summer 
Bring some with you
 Yes, lots of drive time
 Bring some with you
Sea Monkey    YES!!       5-10       Bring with   not really    Perfect   

You have some freedom to customize any tour top fit your crew but here are some thoughts about what is the best tour fit.

Ages.  If you have a younger group of kids, (under 8 yo) then a 2.5 hour tour may be best since longer tours may get your younger kids a little tired and grumpy.   Nature tours get everyone out of the boat on sand bars and there is nothing like watching a young one running up and down a sand bar.  If you plan on having a lunch at one of out water side diners. plan on a 3.5 hour tour.  MarVista is the favorite of out captains and offer great adult food as well as huge hot dogs and the always yummy chicken fingers. 

Teens need to be challenged.  Nature tours with some snorkeling and sand dollar hunting, some excitement too keep them off their phone and in vacation mode.  Egmont Key is the best choice for active crews however offering more challenging snorkeling on the old forts in 10-13' of water and hikes to explore the on island Spanish American era forts.  No restaurants here, so bring drinks and snacks.

Our Weenie n a Sand Bar tour is a bit shorter at 2 hours but from for families with kids.  Sand bar time and a lunch of beef hot dogs cooked right on the boat.  Your captain may offer the kids Octo-dogs or shark bite dogs for some extra fun on the water.

Best for families with kids over 8 is the Sea Monkey Tour that is a mice mix of sand bar fun and a full hour on our partners water gym that includes rope swings, trampolines and water slide.  Adults are welcome to watch or take part in the action.

The Appetizer tour AKA Pirate plunder and pub crawl Is best for adults looking to enjoy some good food and drink on our waterways.  Two or three stops at the best places to eat and drink.  Not much time to play in the water with this tour so when the waters get cooler, this may be a good choice.

Passage Key Adventure.
Open to all but we like to keep this tour crewed with over 18.  The topless/nude sand bar may not be the best place for younger kids.

Sunset Tour.
We have a tendency to do things a bit different and this tour is a good example.  Perfect for all, rather than watch the sun set from the confines of a boat, we watch from Jewfish Key sand bar.  So the wildlings run, jump and be wild while the romantic and laid back watch the sunset from the boat or folding chairs we bring along.

Super active young people?
Add tube rides to most any tour.
(additional costs)